Here is a taste of our wonders, to discover in a pleasant and tasty way some itineraries of historical/cultural and enogastronomic interest among the many which Parma offers in its region. We will describe the main sites of the city and the province, which require a day to be visited and which can be combined together for longer stays.
We will be happy to provide you with suggestions for other itineraries based on your interests and preferences.


10 minutes from the farm

Located in one of the most evocative areas, in the foothills of Parma, the Torrechiara Castle dominates the entire Val Parma. Among the best preserved in Italy, it was built by Pier Maria Rossi in the fifteenth century. If you are lucky enough to visit it on a foggy day, you will see a castle suspended in the clouds and, entering the village, the fog will envelop you, taking you back in time, into the mysterious atmosphere of the mediaeval era. In a few minutes from the Castle of Torrechiara you will reach Langhirano, home of the sweet Prosciutto di Parma, where you can visit the Museum and retrace its history, the secrets of the processing, and taste its goodness. On the way from Torrechiara to Langhirano we recommend taking the enchanting road which crosses Casatico, rich in vineyards, to taste the typical wines of this region.


15 minutes from the farm

After a walk along the Torrente Parma or the Ducal Park, or in the villages of the streets of the historic centre where you can breathe in the life and rhythm of this small and welcoming city, here are three different routes to learn about its history:
1. From the Middle Ages to the Renaissance: Piazza Duomo, The Cathedral, L'Antelami, The Baptistery, The Ancient Benedictine Spice Shop of the Monastery of San Giovanni, San Giovanni Evangelista, the Correggio, the Parmigianino, the Chamber of San Paolo, the Steccata , the Palazzetto Eucherio San Vitale and the Public Gardens.
2. Museum itinerary: National Gallery, the Palatine Library, Farnese Theatre, Palazzo della Pilotta, Bodonian Museum, Chamber of San Paolo, Glauco Lombardi Museum.
3. Musical itinerary: Teatro Regio, Casa Natale Arturo Toscanini, Casa della Musica, Paganini Auditorium We recommend a few stops along the way in trattorias, restaurants, bars and pastry shops which warm up the heart of Parma with delicious local specialities; we will be happy to suggest the most characteristic places.


30 minutes from the farm

Delightful village developed around the Rocca San Vitale and its moat. The medieval fortress with a unique beauty, houses a museum and the splendid room of Diana and Actaeon frescoed by Parmigianino. Around the Rocca every third Sunday of the month the important, historic and fun Antiques Market is held, which should absolutely be visited on a delicious break to taste typical dishes, including the Spalla Cotta. You can't miss a visit to the largest Bamboo Labyrinth in the World, built by the genius of Franco Maria Ricci, a splendid monument of greenery, a labyrinth of infinite straight lines, like losing yourself in a drawing by the great designer, passionate and intellectual visionary himself; inside you can visit his art collection.


40 minutes from the farm

A walk through this part of the earth where there are no obstacles on the horizon, an infinite expanse where the Great River flows between imposing poplar groves and where, at dawn and sunset, nature becomes poetry. Magical places which gave birth to the Master Giuseppe Verdi and the great writer and journalist Giovannino Guareschi. Even in this part of the region there is no lack of culinary delights, don't forget to taste the Culatello!
1. Verdi's places: Roncole Verdi, Birthplace and Church of San Michele Arcangelo; Busseto, Verdi Theatre, Barezzi Museum and Giuseppe Verdi National Museum; Sant'Agata and Villa Verdi.
2. Il Mondo Piccolo by Giovannino Guareschi: Fontanelle and birthplace; Diolo di Soragna and the Boscaccio Museum; Roncole Verdi and the Guareschi Museum.

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